For Sale: Smokey Hill 1/4 Maple Short Boards

Smokey Hill Maple (MDF Cored) wood up for sale.

Each piece is about 12"x7". It’s a mix of white washed and unfinished. Some have masking on them. Perfect for anyone with smaller designs.

There are approximately 175 boards.

$125 plus shipping or local pick up around Portsmouth, NH or Cape Cod.


That is a fantastic deal! I wish I used more 1/4" stuff!!


Trying to think of others who’ve said they use a lot of 1/4"!


Thanks for the reply! Oddly enough, I have 19 full, uncut SH maple boards in 1/8 as well-ordered the wrong thickness by accident. If you’re interested in those-$140 shipped or $120 local pick up.

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Are these boards double-sided?


Yep! They’re maple on both sides with a MDF core.

I would like to order the 1/8" maple boards

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I appreciate it, but not needed for me. Yay for @nancyrich9781 :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay, we were without power for two days b/c of snow. @nancyrich9781, I had one person answer up for them before you via PM-If they back out, they’re yours!

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the 1/8 boards are sold.

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