For the less artistic in the GF community


Here is a helpful site for the non-artistic for drawing things:


Sign me up.


My wife will probably love that!


Neat. But it couldn’t predict that I was drawing a race car with tracks instead of wheels.

Maybe if I add headlights…


A little limited at the moment, but fun none the less. I can see if they keep adding more icons (drawings) that this could become really helpful.

Yea, it did good on my teddy bear, but couldn’t get the giant Venus flytrap that was trying to eat the teddy bear.


I don’t get it, is it a game to show off machine learning, or is it supposed to be useful as an art tool?


All these years, I’ve been working the garden with a sword and/or brass instrument and never knew it… :laughing:


ROTFL! Who knew! :joy:


Looks like a bugle to me.


That wasn’t a mis-shaped hammer throw? :laughing:


I tried to draw a classic 5-year-old’s square house with chimney, and it gave me a shark.


If you can beat swords into plowshares I guess it can go the other way around.


Not exactly what I was going for but I like it. :joy:


Hmmm, It didn’t know what I was drawing either. I think I drew it pretty well considing I was using a laptop’s trackpad.


This is really pretty neat! Thanks for the share!


OMG autocorrect for drawing…bwahaha…


Yeah…that cracked me up. I mean you could be drawing a straight line and it says, “did you mean this”…and you can lie through your teeth and accept a dragon or whatever.


Hah, that’s hilarious!


:laughing: right? I made a poor attempt at drawing a bike…and there it was, a great looking bike…which, believe it or not, wasn’t too far off from what I drew :wink:


What a cool toy, thanks for posting!!