For the Love of all That is Holy - Finish the Pass-Thru Support!

This looks so fun, I wanna make something like this!

Though I am not sure about the glues used in marine grade playwood…


Yes I would really like to find someone with a 40’x10’ CNC or waterjet bed so I can make that ketch I designed in Freeship but have only the Glowforge for now ( though some models of it are on the list. The thicker glass actually comes from the factory in huge sheets and of course they are extremely flat, So if you layup fiberglass on the whole area that would be much more even than most applications of it. So put together as a hard chine boat would bean amazing look, and Freeship makes the design work easy.

Looks like a project for the SO

That is a fair point. I just wish I had the workspace where I am at now. I have a shop, but I do not live near it at present.

I am really excited to use my shaper origin, but I do not have the workspace :frowning:

I feel your pain. My shop is in storage. And no shaper origin yet in my possession.

I’ve read that they go all melty under a laser and therefore don’t cut or cut poorly. I’m really hoping these are all dirty lies.

I haven’t had them get all melty but I haven’t had lots of success either - just doesn’t cut well and get parts where it cuts thru & places where it doesn’t and more power ends up scorching the parts that do cut easier when it cuts at all. Not a good choice for a 40W CO2 laser.