For those of you with 3d printers

Heads up, check your settings. I’m sure with the level expertise here it’s probably not necessary but…

Thousands of Unsecured 3d Printers


I’m a Patreon supporter of OctoPrint. Why anyone would put that on an unsecured connection, I have no idea. The article is valid, but the repetitive callout of OP makes it seem like a software problem, when it’s a user problem.


Agreed! Totally! But this is what happens when you have a what was a technical product go mainstream and “Joe Public” wants everything connected. IoT, I love it, but I have 40 years in IT, 10 years in Digital Forensics. It’s a lot different for the general public.

When I was doing IT Consulting, I still was finding post-it notes with usernames and passwords… Now I just look for the Doc “passwords” or the XLS “Passwords” :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Don’t let anyone know, but I’ve been using @jbpa’s 3D printer remotely for months now :slight_smile:


There are times when I’d really like to be connected to my printers remotely. So far I have resisted the urge. One is that I spend too much time already on the Glowforge forums at work and this would just be one more temptation. Two, I don’t know enough about security these days to manage it safely. I know that there are very clear instructions, but still, I spend enough time with my Google Cloud compute engine keeping that secure. When I look at logs for that, and for my home router, I get paranoid enough.

I spent a few hours with shodan once and was amazed at what is there freely accessible. It is quite intimidating.


Then you really don’t want to look at the Dark Web, it’s a cesspool. But it is educational, could get you flagged though…

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Many years ago the Onion ran a IT safety article. One of the recommendations was to rename your goat porn folder to financials so the kids would ignore it. So just call your password file poetry.doc. :rofl:


So that’s where those strange objects were coming from.

As someone that currently does security consulting, I still find post-it notes with usernames and passwords.

I wouldn’t want to freak people out with the kinds of things I used to find in my incident response and forensics days.


Nor I, I’m on a task-force, I.C.A.C. Internet Crimes Against Children… That’s why I got GF to make beautiful things in an ugly world. Alternate Income Stream to retire.


Amen to that!


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