Forced drying and getting rid of warp

Just a quick thought that I have taken up doing. As we know wet wood will warp and even in humidity it will do so but champed wet and dried it will not warp or will lose the warp it has already. Using Alcohol helps that go faster but still could take days so I was casting about for a better way.

It was then I noticed that the Air Conditioner unit outside was taking air in Heating it quite a but and blowing it straight up in considerable volume and in my case it was under the carport a bit. Now I would not wish to impede the volume by much and I would not want to drop anything through its grill but a wire enclosure like for deep frying, barbecue etc would not let anything bigger than the size of the openings through or if it were clamped the clamps would certainly hold the parts.

I also have a lot of scraps that are long thin pieces with the teeth lined up to where the fingers were cut out and as much of it is multiples of the same cutting the width is the same and the teeth on only one side… glued side to side they create a strong plank for clamping stuff flat but open between the teeth to allow air circulation so clamped with that and put over the AC exhaust things dry well and quickly.


pictures. Please?

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Plywood does not have much of a warp issue but using the AC as a drying mechanism means you have to keep that hot dry air from blowing stuff away…