Foreign GF purchasers take heart

I just today came to realize that there may be a bit of an unforseen silver lining in being a foreign buyer. My sense based on the GF team’s responses on any number of delivery related topics is that foreign orders may take a back seat to domestic U.S. order during the early going of production deliveries. You know, just to iron out a few of those delivery bugs.

I’m the “glass half empty” poster child, but I believe this should be viewed a bit of a bonus in terms of all the negatives associated with being a non U.S. purchaser. Remember, every user is going to be posting their experiences like crazy. So, you’ll get to see how many units stand up to the delivery process. You’ll get to see if there are any “bugs” that impact the users when they get at the GF in volume and this in terms of the hardware, software and cloud servicing. AND!!! if this little extra weight time brings something to your attention from the forum posts of early production unit users that makes the GF not the laser for you, you have that extra time to decide to pull the plug on your order before having to provide the shipping address!

Having that extra wait time as a non U.S. purchaser may be just a little bonus to increase your comfort level that the product is everything we’ve all come to expect it will be. :slight_smile:



Sounds to me @jdodds you may want another delay :slight_smile:

I think he was finding the positive aspects of the situation for foreign buyers.
That’s the one thing that didn’t bother me about being #6,000 or so. :wink:
A bit more insulated from potential problems with the window on other’s experiences.


No, I think I’ve decided that this will be my last delay. I’m probably at ~ 1,200 mark in line. Come July, if there’s no Glowforge Pro in my shop, I’m pretty much resigned to there being another laser on order in the same price range as the GF.