Forge me already!

Happy New Year everyone!!! Changed the post because the first was frustrated and bitter. So in hope for a happy productive year. Everyone have a blast this solar cycle and give up meat. Looking forward to seeing everyones projects in 2018!


I feel your pain. And feel the same way. I did however get my golden ticket on New Years Day, I know the wait sucks and the delays just keep coming but we are all down to the short strokes now and we did save a butt ton of money and got some pretty significant freebees, so hang tough. Your golden ticket can’t be that far off now.


I hear you! I got pushed back again, too! Was March 18, Then April 18, Then April 17, now into May. I know, UG! Hang in there!

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Congrats! I got my email yesterday too. What date is showing on your account page right now? Mine changed to January 8 a few hours after I replied to the email. Got me worried for a second that I screwed up in trying to accept my Glowforge, since others had the date disappear once their email was sent. I’m guessing it takes a day or two for that to happen. Most people who mentioned the date disappearing didn’t realize the email had already been sent to them, so I assume they weren’t checking the dates daily. Glowforge should send an email to let us know that our response to the shipping email was received. I guess getting access to the store means it went through, but it would be reassuring to get confirmation from someone at Glowforge.


My final date before the ticket was Jan 4, but since I got the ticket and replied it has changed to Jan 1.