Forget 3D printers and 3D lasers


3D printers: Cool.
3D laser cutters: Cool.
CNC machines: Cool.

Combined 3D printer with a 5-axis CNC mill? AWESOME. :smile:


If I didn’t already sell my soul (long story) I’d sure sell it for this!


Dear GF, I refund, I’m sure you understand… No hard feelings, hugs, signed JL


I don’t know - this is a pretty cool 3D printer:


So… 2 awesome vids from my 2 favorite places. Minnesota, where I live now, and Japan, where I will live one day. :slight_smile:


That’s about 1,000 types of awesome.


The 5 axis 3d printing is such a great idea!! It only makes since that it would be next!

But i dont under stand why You would need the mill as well? Is it intended tfor you to mill down you already 3d printed parts? or out side parts?


Better surface finish.


Glowforge 2.0 should consider having 5-axis CNC milling and lasing on it. I think that would be incredible… It would really solve the problem of lasing objects at odd angles. :smile:


If you look at the video of the concrete, and imagine that as layers of plastic being extruded by a desktop 3d printer, you can see that the layers between are uneven. So the milling process is a lot like having someone follow up with a smoothing trowel.


That would be pretty amazing, but, I’d be happy with a rotary attachment and some more z axis. Having the lasing head tilt would be fairly awesome as well. :grin: