Forget Park Place! Elder Gods anyone?

Not quite finished as I am waiting for the red Mother of ToiletSeat to arrive. Can’t share files or sell, alas as the images are “borrowed” from the original board designer.

I owe somebody for the idea too!

The two sides are different in finish because one has a polyurethane rub on it & the other does not yet.



Straight up awesome.


Sweeeet! :sunglasses:

(I’ve got a personalized Monopoly board too - the gang made it up when I left the 9 to 5, and it’s filled with the embarrassing (for me) moments that I treated them to.)

Now I want to make it up in wood. What a great idea! :grinning::+1:


Ohmygosh, just amazing! Would love to see this one in person. Take it on tour!


Fantastic. I would love to hear more about this project and your design decisions. Thanks for sharing

This is just astonishingly beautiful. I’m desperate to get some Mother of ToiletSeat now!

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Lol. All decisions were kinda made for me in that I had a limited material to work with so I just made everything work as well as I could. Wish I had a better selection of inlay material but I was in a rush and didn’t want to wait for supplies. I snagged the images straight off of the commercially available board game. Lots of photoshopping later I had engravable images. Happy to answer anything more specific if I can.

That is all kinds of awesome! Fantastic job!

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This is breathtaking. What material did you use for the color inlays? Is it acrylic or a vinyl? It looks amazing against the wood.

This is wicked cool.

Truly wonderful! You are this weeks winner as far as i am concerned

That’s really great. Perfect combination of Insanity-based fantasy and an Insanity-inducing game.
Love. It.
All hail the world-eater.

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i know what my next big project is! lol
This is straight up impressive and amazing!
What are all the materials you used on here? it looks so unique!

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Its a material called pearloid colloquially know as Mother of Toilet Seat. I got mine here.

They have a nice feature on their web site that allows you to sort by cutting style. Saves time whittling through the choices. UK based store but they shipped it off to me here in Oregon Fast!


Absolutely stunning! Thanks for the link.

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That is really cool. There is a game called the Doom That Came to Atlantic City that is like that but more in reverse. You destroy buildings instead.

Thank you for another cool material site too!

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You are my new hero.


This is simply incredible work!

ok THAT site has been bookmarked for some perusal and ordering this weekend.

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