Forgot to cut a piece, then sold my Glowforge!


I sold my Glowforge a few weeks back, but first made my niece another memory box for her newest child.

But… I made a silly mistake and forgot to cut the bottom wood piece! I was using some scrap pieces, and had to split up the cuts, and missed it :frowning:

I’m wondering - do any of you have the Keepsake Memory box unlocked from the catalog, and be willing to cut me a bottom piece? I had cut the rest out of maple plywood, but any wood would suffice!

I’ll happily reimburse for any materials, shipping, etc, and gladly pay any commission fee you think fair!


If I have the file — I will cut it for you.

The only payment I will accept is a King Cone ice-cream if you ever visit Knoxville, Tennessee.

Let me go check to see if I have the file


I went ahead and purchased the file. Will 1/8 birch be ok? Do you want the bottom piece to be in leather? I have LOTS of leather.


You are amazing! 1/8 Birch would be perfect. And I’d love to reimburse you for the file & print, not a problem at all!

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ONLY two options for reimbursement.

  1. King Cone ice-cream when you visit Knoxville

  2. 2021 Convertible Red Corvette V8 — black interior, premium sound system, and custom made interior mats that read “Venezuelan Babe” for driver’s side— passenger side will read “Husband’s Seat”

Option 2 would be so much easier. Order online have it delivered to my home.


Haha! I do like the new 'vettes. If I was a rich man, I’d buy us a matching pair. Maybe in a few more lifetimes :slight_smile:


Are you talking the new mid-engine Vette? I’d settle for a 2021 C-7 vette. I miss my 2016…:sleepy:

@sethrowe Your order is not complete. I will PM you— I need your address.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. I had a good laugh reading this. Made my night.


Just replied. Thank you again so much!

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You’re a sweetie for helping out with this!


Thank you My Sweet for the kind words!!

Your absolutely beautiful smile makes me so happy!!!

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