Formating help

I’m trying to print a project for one of my students. She wants to have a phases of the moon object. She found an image of the moon and then applied it to a circle in our CAD software. Then she made copies and clipped out portions of the circle for each of the phases. But when I export the moons as a PDF the full photo appears for each phase. This will take days to etch them all. Any export that clips the photo does not recognize the cutting outline. Any any that sees the line shows the full photo. How can I set this up so that I’m not etch moons all week only to throw away most of them?

The GFUI doesn’t recognize clipping paths. Which CAD software specifically are you using?

Vectorworks. I’ve come up with a workaround using Adobe Illustrator but it would be good to find a good solution.

Oooooooo, I don’t think there’s a way to eliminate the clipping mask issue from VW, it’s just not set up to be able to do any kind of nitty gritty of graphics work. Glad you found an AI method that works.

The solution is to use another app to edit the images in bitmap/raster format. The Glowforge simply doesn’t support clipping paths.

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