Forrest Vicars

Got an email from him, trying to sell me a subscription to pro
anyone else get one?


Not yet, but he is the one I ordered my machine from last year.

What does that mean?

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Hey Jonathan​,

I wanted to reach out today and see if you had tried out the 14 day trial of our new Glowforge Premium Subscription? If not, the premium is absolutely amazing. Among so many other benefits, Premium allows you to use over 900 pre-loaded fonts, have access to over nine million pieces of vector art, and your designs are stored forever so you can print from any device at any time!

While the premium subscription is usually $50 per month, we are now selling it in an annual subscription! The annual (usually $600) is $239 and will renew at that price until you choose to cancel.

If you would like to upgrade while the annual is still 60% off, let me know and we will get you signed up.


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Even at that price, it’s still $20 a month. I like it, but I still don’t think it’s worth it. Just my opinion which doesn’t count for much.

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It’s an opinion I share…


What I can’t create myself, I will buy the design. I’m not great at using Inkscape, but because I have a CNC machine, I have my Vectric software I have been using for 7 years and anything I create in that software, I can export as a svg into Inkscape. From there, I will edit it to my needs.

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The biggest advantage for many folks for Premium (not pro) is that you get a commercial license to all the graphics in there. If you’re selling, the cost per design will add up to WAY more than $20 (and possibly more than $50) a month. The design-in-the-GFUI is nice, but as you pointed out, easily replicable in any design program. I do have a membership, I got it early at the grandfathered price. I don’t sell stuff, but I like having access to the beta stuff.

That being said, @Deleted, no one by that name is listed at: Ah, Forrest instead of Forest.


That was the first thing I thought of…who the heck is Forrest Vicars?


Inside Sales Associate

Forrest is a Washington native who wouldn’t call any other place home. Coming from a background in industrial gold mining, scrap metal, PCB recycling, and aggregate processing equipment before joining the Glowforge team. He’s passionate about making sure everyone has the best possible tools to be successful in their business ventures and personal lives. In his free time, you’ll most likely catch him sailing in the summer, skiing in the winter, and exploring new micro-breweries or cider house’s in the greater PNW.

(pronouns: he/ him)


there seem to be a number of Glowforge employees who live out there on the ‘fringe’

Bailey is the person who emails you when you have been bad on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

And of course they are always looking for talent:

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