Fortunicorns! #UnicornTruth

I made 21 cardboard unicorns for New Year’s Eve. They were made to snap in half and reveal a fortune. They were really fun to hand out to friends and strangers!Unicorn%20BASE


Your image is here but super small, You can fix it by going back into the post and editing the X and Y sizes to 200 and 110 respectively, or 400 and 220.

If you edit the post, you will see the size in the tag for the SVG, it’ll look like “20x11”. Just modify those numbers.


Those unicorns are much too cool to tear in half! (Great idea though!) :smile:


Thanks! Didn’t know I could do that.

they do make a satisfying popping noise when you break them…

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What a fun idea! I love your snap unicorns with secret messages!

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So fun!

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That is great. Reminds me of one of the weirdest novels I read, but loved. Starts out in a Chinese restaurant and the diners get bizarre, personal fortune cookies. Then comes the fun. Handling Sin, by Michael Malone.

Very clever in some many ways, especially the unicorn pun!


Thanks & thanks for the book recommendation - I’ll check it out!

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I was thinking of how you could make a cookie cutter and bake them in croissant dough. but make them with unicorn tails instead of horse tails though Fortunicorns may be different and have horse tails :slight_smile:


What a cool idea! Fortune cookies in different forms—I love it.

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They might be even better with a small explosive charge… :slight_smile:


Love this…tucked away wishes…who wouldn’t want that?

Very fun. I might co opt the idea with a rainbow and pot of gold design for a St Patrick Day party. Thanks for the idea.


This is begging to be used as a glitterbomb too.




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Oh, the humanity.

Too fun!!! Cool idea … and thank you so much for sharing your file!

@ajw.webster and @evansd2, I do believe I’ll be using your lovely ideas to finish up a late Christmas gift being delivered to a friend who always fills my greeting cards with confetti or glitter. Bravo.

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I got so many cards this year that had loose glitter on them. I think it must have been a trend or something, it was a lot more than usual. I’m still finding it everywhere.

On the other hand occasionally I look awesomely sparkly when I happen to pick some up and then touch my face. :roll_eyes:

Maybe I can get work on the next installment of Twilight.