Forum fixes inside - Easier to read forums

Your forums are hard to read. If you make the following slight changes, it will make them so much easier to navigate and follow:

-Change the main background to white or any color that is not the same color as the dividing line between the topics/replies. This will also mean you can see the buttons now.
-Change the header color to something darker to stand out a little more.
-Change the color of the fields in the new post section to be lighter where the text fields are. You cant see them.
-Move the logo down 5px to center it.
-Change the "welcome to glowforge’ composer-pop up on new posts to not be black and brown. this is pretty hard to read too.

Ive created a replacement style using the stylish plugin for browsers that will show things a more legibly. All you have to do is install stylish and use the theme for this site.

Hopefully they will clean it up a little so you can distinguish between buttons and fields and different posts.

Love the glowforge btw. Im pretty sure I covered the entire internet in links! ha

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I think at this point, their web team would better spend their time on polishing the store and software as we approach December, but it seems you’ve already got a fix for all those who can run stylish. I have it on my home computer and use it for several sites so I totally understand the benefits it can bring, but I can’t say I see the problems you mention regarding this forum (though, admittedly, I found there to be a light learning curve for navigating on my iPhone). Thanks for the style link!!


Youre welcome, and considering the fixes are included in that stylish theme, it would probably take them 5 minutes at most to take care of it =P. Its not a big deal, but it was a big enough deal to me to make a theme for. It makes a huge difference in user experience for me at least. Im not sure how much it will affect mobile users, as I dislike using forums on mobile.

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Different teams - this part is done by contractors. I will bounce this to @Tony so he can see if we can make some quick tweaks.

Ah great! Thanks @dan ! Being a UX dev makes me a little OCD sometimes and it bleeds in to everything I use haha.

Have to say. This forum is pretty cool for not being a PHPBB or something in that range. And works with Wordpress, I like it.

Ive updated this a little bit to account for some of the changes that were made to the forums. Im not sure if youll have to tell stylish to update the style or if it does it automatically, but if your post panel doesnt have white backgrounds, you can update the style and it will make it a little more navigable. screenshot:

I had used and liked this. Did the Greasemonkey version if I remember right. But it messed up other Discourse forums, and made them unreadable (Least I Could Do webcomic is the main one I remember).

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I fixed that issue last night. Should only affect glowforge forums now.

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Ah, nice. I had assumed I did something wrong, or it was because I used Greasemonkey instead of the proper plugin.

Since I actually use the divider line in my posts some times, this is a very handy modification to have

Wee! Dividered!

Thanks @takitus! I’m re-pinging @tony in case he finds some time to pretty it up a bit. :slightly_smiling:

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