Forum lockout?


Replied to about 8 posts the other day, and the forum locked me out for 24 hours saying I’d reached my post limit for a first day user… ? First day? WTF…


Yeah, I saw where some folks were locked out for liking too many things. I mean, really?!


There’s a limit to the number of likes that users are allowed per day (I think it’s 50/day or it was…that might have been changed. It just locks out the likes, not any other participation, and we used to get hit with it daily. You can actually earn a Badge for consistently using up all your likes.)


The other thing appears to be a recent Discourse bug that affects non-Owners. The permissions in the guest category are stricter. They know about it, since it’s been reported recently, so they’re probably already working on it.


Well, I’m an owner - with my wife. It only lets us have one “owner” designation, and she signed in first - so that’s her… What crappy software this discourse stuff is. Just because Vbulletin is old does not make it bad! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I can imagine it would be tough on the couples…fortunately my husband has zero interest in learning to use a laser. :smile:


LOL! I’ve wanted a laser since I saw my first episode of star-trek (on TV, first premiere…).


This actually intentional due to spam-bots. PITA? yes, but without it we could be overran with spam. Post what you can each day and as time goes by you will get more trust from the system.


I run a cigar website with forums. There are many mechanism in vbulletin to keep spambots away… should also be part of discourse, one would think. and letting a spambot reply to 10 messages in a day would probably piss us all off. So they need to fix it, because if I’m in a couple discussions - like this one - and get blocked, I’m going to be seriously pissed.


Yeah, they need a way to have more than one owner for couples and such.


One way I’ve seen others do this is both use the owner account and simply say who is speaking. Not as good as a forum fix but it works.


When I bought my GF, I was bookmarking everything I liked and liking the things too… I got blocked as well! LOL… welcome to GF world! :slight_smile: Don’t worry, you will love it even if you are blocked, the “forbidden” stuff make us really hungry for it! :slight_smile:


That sounds like a great place to sell what you can make from . I have been going a bit overboard with them using fingers @ half the wood thickness.


It’s not only spam that is the issue. It is a well-intentioned attempt to emphasize reading and learning about what is already common knowledge in the forum and available for all to see. At least that is the way I see it. Unfortunately, the way Glowforge has set up ownership and sub account tied to the forum, it isn’t quite fair to couples or families or classroom participation.


Yeah, I posted about this the other day. I’ve had it happen several times over the past few months and I finally snapped. I feel like at some point, you have to move past the restrictions, “Owner” or not.


All the other stuff is true, but I’m still stuck on why it thinks you’re a “first day user.” That’s just not right! Maybe @discourse needs to get in on the discussion! (There. The Bat Signal has been engaged!!!)


That used to work, but unfortunately not anymore. Someone has to go and enter a ticket for it on the Discourse owner’s group to get any action taken. (Happened a few months back.) :neutral_face:


Well, shoot. I felt so powerful there for a minute!


fingers at half the wood thickness? not sure I’m getting that. Have used for a couple experiments, and love the site!!


I never really liked the more usual big tabs but when I look at some of the old cigar boxes I have that is about the size they are. However the fingers are only on the sides and the tops just glued with much thinner wood.

With fingers that thin and glued in place I discovered that they are extremely strong and make a nice edge as well.


Assuming that was in jest. Will get irritated now and then but haven’t seen anything on the forum in 3 years worthy of being even remotely pissed. (Unless it’s the British version of pissed, which means being drunk.)