Forum login issues


Whereas I can now login to the forum on my computer, I still can’t get in with my phone or ipad.
Is anyone else having this issue?? When I click on the login button, it just shoots me to the main website page…
Not a priority, but I’m wondering if I’m not the only one… :frowning:
@dan have you or @rita seen any others having this issue or am I just that lucky one… :unamused:


I’m not having any issues by now. Working on PC (Windows 10) and Phone (Android 6.0.1)


I just logged out and logged back in on my iPhone. And I’m typing this reply on my iPhone. No problem.


From my phone :slight_smile: so maybe your internet?


No its not an internet problem…I was primarily on my phone before and it’s the same internet…lol
It’s weird…I thought at first it may have been Chrome so that’s why I tried on my ipad with
Safari… still the same issue…
I also tried on my phone with firefox browser and had the same issue… just weird… and mildy annoying since my computer is at my office and I won’t have access at home…


thanks for trying that @tim1724 Good to know it’s not system wide.


If your pw changed with the reset try clearing your caches


I did, plus I never logged in with my ipad before so it wouldn’t have a pw saved…:rage:


Are you using the Discourse app or just the browser?

If you are using just the browser, Safari, Chrome or Firefox?


On my phone? Tried with Chrome and Firefox. I can login on my computer using Chrome. Haven’t tried the app. I thought that was not stable atm.
Is anyone using the app??


Oh hey!!! I just installed the app and am posting from my phone!!!
You are a genius @PFI-Guy …lol


Umm. What app?


Discourse app for android


You’re Welcome.


Is there an app?? That will make more easy to catch up when I’m supposed to be waiting customers :stuck_out_tongue:


:thinking:… Interesting.


Its working perfectly…I just got home and I’m going to try it on the ipad