Forum Request: Signatures

Can we get signatures? I think they’d come in handy for many reasons including:

  • One could have a signature with links to solutions to common Glowforge support issues
  • One could have a single thread to show off all of their works and link to that
  • One could have a signature with a link to their store, shop, Etsy
  • One could have a signature with their favorite Buckaroo Banzai quote

Thanks for listening! Have a glowing day!

“Where ever you go, there you are.” - Buckaroo Banzai


only if i can turn signatures off. to me they clutter up threads and i hide them on every forum i participate. i can see how others would find them useful, but i’d prefer to have them hidden if they exist.


Not speaking for GF, naturally, but Discourse doesn’t directly support 1990s-style forum signatures. There is a 3rd party plugin, but one must be hosting your own copy of Discourse to use it. Last time we checked, GF is purchasing hosting from Discourse directly, so probably not.

If asked, I would vote against adding them… <<shudder>>


Yeah, I probably would too. They do dress up the place nicely with individuality, but scrolling is hard enough already with the very prolific bunch we’ve got around here. Don’t really want to add to that. :wink:


  • JB
    < insert random quote >
    < insert random GIF and or signature image >
    Glowforge Pro
    No filter
    Modded with crumbtray rulers
    < insert link to my website >
    Please check out my work

I might be okay if it was limited it to one-line sigs and NO graphics.

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I love that there aren’t sig lines here. To me they are just repetitive visual garbage. There is already a spot for all that info in our profiles.


I love the dog picture. Great expression too. :joy:

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If liking sigs is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

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I guess I’m with the crowd here, and like @jbv said, our profile is available to anyone who would like to know more.


It’s a good point to make. The information you are searching is very helpful.

I would rather people make a distinctive avatar. It sure helps recognition and context. I would vote that people have a l ittle more room to fill out their profiles with the meta info and personal links. The profile card could have a summary and main profile have more.

Not a fan of signatures at all.


Thank you for the reminder!

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Ah, good ol’ Buckaroo Banzai…a classic!!

~And I don’t care for signatures either

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I thought that was the Pig Man in Thunderdome?
Maybe was both ?

No matter, the Pig Man has a wonderful one all his own.
When leaving on the train he was asked about the plan.


I think that’s a great idea @marmak3261. I would even go for a slightly larger avatar too.

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Hmm, maybe as part of the avatar, but the trailing sig just becomes clutter to me…

-made on my iThing™️


Clutter? Maybe

This space intentionally blank


Hmmm. “Just like @evansd2” <> “distinctive” :wink:


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.