Forum UI

I find that I’m often scrolling up a lot of pages on a long post to find who the OP was, and when the thread started.
Yes, the info is there before you click on the post, but this is when I’ve done some reading.
Would it be an improvement for other folks, if that info was at the top of the window, alongside the title ?
John :upside_down_face:


It’s not perfect, but if you click on the title from anywhere in the thread it takes you to the first post so you can see who the original author is.


John - I find myself doing the same thing. I’ve found the timeline scroll bar to the right of the thread to be very helpful to quickly jump to the top to see the information you’ve described and then jump back to where I was last reading.

Not sure adding additional information in the title area would really help, but not a bad idea.

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That’s a good alternative, Jules, I hadn’t known that.

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I think Jules tip is the way to go. If the post is many pages long, the scroll bar only goes so far, till it reloads. Long posts can be a bit of a drag, and I’ve sometimes resorted to the ‘home’ key as another way back.