Found my way to the centre of the maze

Really well done.

Oh, and it looks great!

Ha! One of the first things I thought when I saw this in the show was, “I bet I can make that with my GlowForge!”

You might have a hard time making it in one piece, I have an 80W laser which I used to cut through the 12mm ply walls but you could cut 2x 6mm pieces to do it

The files are now online


Thank you for sharing. Looks amazing.


This doesn’t look like anything to me…


I was going to reply “it’s from a show…” but then I realized you were quoting the show. :laughing:


I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought about that!

Subtle but good reference

I engraved some river rock with the Maze as well. After engraving, I sanded the surface of the rock, hit it with some metal-wax, then sanded again for a nice, smooth finish. It turned out very well, if I do say so myself.


I might have missed the reference as to your engraving, but was it with a laser or you used a sand blasting mask (that was lasered)?

How you tried different rock materials or just a river bed rock?

That metallic wax really makes it pop! :+1:


Sorry, I should have included that part! I engraved the Maze design with a Trotec 300 at the Techshop in Pittsburgh (love them). I have worked with a number of different materials on their lasers, including multiple types of stone. If you asked my favorite, I’d say it was a tie between polished black marble and good old fashioned field stones (big flat stones, used for garden paths mainly)


The reference is a show on HBO called Westworld (remake of a movie from the 70s).

I need that toy and that rock! Both those things just rocketed up my list of things to make on the Glowforge.


The maze isn’t meant for you.


I so want/need to do this with random river stones and disperse them at some of the more popular river access locations around here…

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