Found on Thingiverse today, Baby Yoda

Here is a link for a baby yoda ornament that could be cute with a little tweaking.


There are lots of SVG files with Baby Yoda available on Etsy and other sites, too! (at least until Disney lawyers send out their cease & desist letters for copyright violations :wink:)

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One of the embroidery sites got shut down today and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was why.

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We’ll have to see how long it stays up before they get pressured.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of Star Wars items on Thingiverse. Most, thankfully, a lot better than the low-res image from a google search that this person uploaded.

Usually Etsy will take down the specific listings (happened to me years ago with some Portal images I silk screened on wrist straps), but if there are multiple occurrences, or all the listings are reported, the entire shop of course gets suspended…

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