Founders and beyond


I dreamt…woke up this morning with a thought. I don’t know how many of us are in the “Founders”, but, wouldn’t it be cool, if “Dan” would create a jigsaw puzzle or not, but we all created a puzzle piece roughly the same hole dimensions to fit together , on a wall , with our names “The Founders”. Obviously after we all receive our GF’s to be placed in the lobby? Just thinking out loud. As the pieces are received they could be added and voila les masterpiece !

This is what I was Talking about only with say 4" x 4" or 3" x 3" puzzle pieces.


Not sure what you mean by being a founder. Any of us that did the preorder back in Oct. are just that…we didnt start the company.
Unless you are using a play on words in which founders also refers to someone who forges…but that would be alot of owners…I dont think they have a wall big enough…lol


Well that didn’t work quite as I had hoped. It’s here though.


Oh yeah…forgot about that…
in my mind, founder is the one or few that actually started the company.


So does that mean I can change my “Regular” title to “Founder”?


@chrisgray1313, have you been able to reach regular status yet in your forum participation. I’d encourage you to go for it since there are some interesting ideas getting shared regarding this.


I tried being a “regular” but it just felt like I was saying stuff just to say stuff with nothing to contribute past “That is cool.” heh.


marmak3261 not yet, I just read the new stuff, and enjoy it…not a big chatter. Got a lot of mental stuff going on…lol.


Lol, I made to “regular” status, the next day it had gone and I was just me again!


@zerbyte75, @chrisgray1313, and @pomwah I understand that not everyone has the time or inclination to read the posts, but as a way of encouragement, you only have to replay on 10 different topics, so by the time you do the QOTD topics, at least one comment on the show and tell topic, and a few odd topics that ineterst you, you might find it easy to be a regular. that 50 days out of hundred days might be the hardest. But then again, I don’t have a life when I go home at night, just a cat, so I can do this!


Lol, a wife and two dogs keep me in line, not to mention countless in-laws … but it depends, a lot, on your cat, the cool distant ones turn up for food and sometimes a warm bed, needy cats can take more time than the aforementioned family.


I just check my phone periodically through the day. I checked my summery and couldnt believe how many topics I’ve started, replies and likes I’ve given and received. I homeschool my son and run a business…so its not that hard…:grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The math on the freebie materials comment points to 10,000 founders. That would be one heck of a puzzle.

Granted, not everyone would participate.


I think it would be a neet idea but I also think that it could persist some confusion some people have as to what we are and that is customers and not investors/business founders. Yes as Dan’s email indicates we will have founder status for the store. But I wish he used a different title as ‘founder’ has a inclination that I don’t believe us as pre order people qualify for…

It would be a huge display at over 10k ppl at even a modest 1x1 inch cube would be 100x100 inches 8.3x8.3ft


Yeah it would be…even if it were as floor and sealed it would be an amazing piece of art. I can see it…with many different materials…!


I have an electric matress pad - it has micro-thin wires and goes under the sheets. Makes for a great toasty warm cocoon when I go to bed. The cat loves it too - sleeps on the side with the heated mattress pad, not the other side.

(Obviously living in New England where it’s still in the 30s and 40s at night :confused:)


I think I might be stuck on the 50 of 100 days part where I was only checking in here every few days or so for awhile. I think I have at least looked in on every topic to at least skim through quickly.

Will just try and make it a habit again heh.


Nope. Discourse thinks you’ve only read 16% of the posts. It knows when you’ve been good or bad. Apparently the forum software doesn’t give you credit for skimming.


How does it know if you read them?


Dunno. Your summary says 5.6K read. Mine says 28.1K read. Though it decides on a 100 day running total.