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Apparently I’ve missed some reading somewhere. My status only show 27.6k posts read. And a 6 day read time? Is that a 24hr day?
I’m guessing here but i believe the forum sw calculate a read time for each post. If that post is not on your screen for the minimum read time it doesn’t count that post as read.

might also help to adjust your personal settings so posts older than 2 days aren’t listed as not new?

So what exactly is “read time”? At first I thought it may be total time spent reading on the forum but I’m fairly certain I’ve spent more time than that.


It must count viewing time some how. It’s not calculated per post or per word. I have only read maybe 700 more posts than you but my read time is double yours. (And yes, I should be ashamed of that)

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Ashamed? There is absolutely nothing wrong with not speed reading lol. I feel that everyone should slow down and really enjoy all of the information provided, especially when reading a good book.


14k posts read but only have a 3 day read time…doesn’t make sense…Im a fast reader but not that fast I dont think…lol


My wife and I rarely have time to sit and talk. Even more rare is for us to both have time to read the same book and later discuss it.

But, pre-kids we had done so with Wheel of Time and Sword of Truth, both sadly still in production and putting us through year+ waits between books…

Anyway, she can finish a weighty book in a weekend. Most books in a day. I rarely get through a book in under 2 weeks.

But, when we talk about the books… I have so many more insights and theories. She clearly misses many details. But… I cannot STAND to read any book a second time. And she has favorites that she will read every year, always noticing something new.

So yeah… read at your own speed. There is a reason for it, on either end of the spectrum there are benefits.


Wow! Been years since I read those. Somewhere around the 10th(?) one I started to lose interest - seemed to be devolving into more philosophy than action story. Felt preachy and the stories began to drag. When I started reading them I would read them like your wife - finish one in a day or weekend (staying up until 3am if I had to). Then I found I was taking a week or more. Never thought they were still being churned out.

Both series are done. I never kept them straight very well, too many overlaps and too long between releases.

One of them ended nicely, I think that was Wheel of Time. Though that one didn’t end with the original author, he died and passed along notes for someone else to finish.

The other one was a TERRIBLE ending in my opinion, though I don’t remember precisely what I hated about the ending. Pretty sure that had been Sword of Truth, and there were inconsistencies in how they ended (didn’t make use of powers which had been set up in places they would have made sense to use)

Well as you can see marmak3261 this is why I am not a regular I guess. If you look at the original post and the last posting to said post, (not being judgmental…underscore mental in my case) I want info…not a con-flux of roads leading away from original thought, and that seems to happen quite a bit in this blog…so that is my reason for not reading everything. When it’s straight info with some insights, fine, but when it diverges to another conversation altogether…where are we?

Yes. You have a great point about hijacked threads. That is a good reminder to me to resist my urge to be cute and witty rather than contribute something substantial to further the discussion.

As to the original post: a few of the regulars have been discussing collaborating on something like this. I think it would be cool.

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Merci for your support if or when I get regular (no pun intended …lol) will you keep me in the loop about the goings on? or I will just keep on a followin…Merci

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I can understand the frustration for those who come here seeking straight info. This forum is unlike any I’ve been associated with before. So much more community and good times. I think it’s partly because we’re all sitting here with no 'Forge to play with, twiddling our thumbs awaiting its arrival, and enjoying each other’s company in the meantime.


It’s more of a natural conversation approach than a group “blog” or “FAQ”. A giant cocktail party where you’re wandering from one group of people to another with a different discussion going on.


Plenty of information here, with a search function for convienence. Use the bookmark function to lock down anything for future reference.

As Scott pointed out, we are enjoying each other’s company. There are many technical references out there structured as encyclopedic sources. Informative, and dry.

Personally I view the camaraderie of the Forum as a positive characteristic. Difficult to describe the positive influence a personal sense of humor contributes to a discussion, but that also gives a great insight into the individual. There are a bunch here I know I could call friend based on that alone.

Here, I have learned and laughed, and I think trying to reign in the discussion and restrict it to strictly technical data would degrade my experience. Just my opinion.

@chrisgray1313, you are not the first to express frustration with the frolic in here.
Loosen up my friend - [quote=“jamesdhatch, post:45, topic:2146”]
A giant cocktail party where you’re wandering from one group of people to another with a different discussion going on.
[/quote] endulge and enjoy yourself! Any technical questions you have, the members here stand ready to answer.:sunglasses:


Love this idea - we played with some similar for the crowdfunding campaign before we launched. It’s a good thing we didn’t do it because our lobby didn’t turn out to be nearly big enough. :wink:


@printolaser I am truly trying to lighten up lol I was as you pointed out …just expressing frustration…as I am a loner…I am confused by the comaraderies goings on here, so please forgive me for misunderstanding the way these things work. I am not used to large groups discussions and get confused quickly. Sorry again.


No apologies, I didn’t mean to infer there was anything wrong with your perspective, just that you are safe in putting your feet up and enjoying yourself. You don’t need to be forgiven for your feelings.

In my experience most creative types including me are introspective and usually very private, and tend to avoid social exposure.

I understand and sympathize. Personally I am so socially naive that my friends toy with me in good nature.
As a fellow introvert I know your feelings well, and am surprised at the transformation I have felt regarding my participation here ( it has taken months) - but have thoroughly enjoyed it. Good to step out of your comfort zone now and then, that’s when we grow.

As time has passed all of us as a group have experienced elation and dispair. I think that shared experience has allowed myself and others to drop the walls and build a bridge to a deeper relationship with those who are in this boat together… or is it a roller coaster?


Well , I am attempting to “tear down these walls” one brick at a time, through these conversations, and appreciate the introverted introspection …lol. Good to have your input…and cannot wait for my GF.