Fractal Fairies

Today I made some fairies with fractal art centers!

The wings are on the front layer, while the art is glued to the back layer. Since the back layer is just the center circle area, the wings float 1/4" off the wall when hung. It took about 40 minutes to cut 8 of these from 1 sheet of cherry plywood.


How did you make the fractals? They look really cool


I use fractal renderers to design them. The ones you see above were made with Fractorium and Ultrafractal. However, on a couple I took an extra step and ran the fractal through a neural network to do “Style Transfer”, which gives them different artistic appearances.

If you’d like to see more of my fractal or neural network art, I keep a bunch on my website,


Very cool!!!


Reminds me of the Snitch from Harry Potter. Very cool!


Wow, love your use of color! I would have these scattered all over the house, so you see a flash of fairy going from one room to the other. Something to put a splash of color in the dark corners.

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I had so much fun with these yesterday, I went back to make 2 more variations. Now there’s a large size (9 inches) with hand-strung wings:

And a mini size (3 inch) with mica pearl resin:

I also put a few of the Medium size up on my wall, and they look great:

I think I’ll be making a whole bunch of these to take to my next art show!


Terrific work! LIke the fractals for sure! The ones with the string art are very cool! Great stuff!

Oh lord… I am about to disappear down the fractal rabbit hole again. These are great!

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I like the stringed wings. Very cool.

This is very interesting. I’ve never heard of fractal designs. This is new for me. Either way, the designs cane out really cool looking.