Frankenstein's Monster Desktop Lamp



Just sitting here, wishing I could have been having some fun in NY with the rest of the gang, and watching “The Bride of Frankenstein”

So, when the machine comes and I finally get to play, instead of just dreaming up stuff, this will be on the acrylic lamp agenda:

courtesy, the late great Boris Karloff…

Still needs some work, but it’s lookin’ spooky.


I LOVE IT! This is classic.


Nice! I wonder how cost prohibitive it would be to make edge lit headstone-type Halloween decorations. Pet Semetary anyone? Or a collection of all of the infamous Halloween type villains. Freddy Krueger, Norman Bates, Pennywise, etc etc etc.


I so wish I had my Glowforge to make some really cool Halloween decorations like this. Really Cool!


Very nice ! - you could do it in vinyl in the meantime!!! ( can’t believe Xmas stuff was out this weekend in the stores… ) :evergreen_tree:


yep. x-mas trees at costco on oct 1st. Right next to the halloween candy.


That looks awesome…thanks for putting another idea in my project folder!


My second job is at a Walmart and we got in the trees about two weeks ago. Not out…yet.