Frayed drive belt

I noticed today today that my bent that moves the laser head is pretty severely frayed and I’m not entirely sure how it happened or long its been like this. The only reason I even noticed was because some strands are hanging down off the belt that weren’t before. Am I able to replace this? It looks like it’s holding on by a literal thread.

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Oh… yep…they’re going to want to send you a new one. There are instructions for how to replace it around the forum but they’ll likely send you some when they contact you.

(Might have had a flame-up at one point that melted it a bit.)


Wow, that’s really bad. Support should get you a new one quickly so you can get back to lasering :slightly_smiling_face:

Good to know I need to periodically check that belt too. It makes sense, I just hadn’t thought about it until now.

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I am so sorry to hear about the damaged belt. I have reached out in email about your next steps and we are going to work on this there. I am going to close this thread.