Frazzled Hedgie



Just killing time between boxes, so decided to try a shot at actual hand-drawn artwork…selfie. Bwa-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah!

Waddaya think?


This may well be the best thing I’ve seen here! Very Picasso but still unique.


If you rotate it 90° CCW it looks a little bit like a happy rooster. :rofl:


Quirky and awesome… I feel like this is the picture of waking up after a crazy night.


Much frazzled creature. Sort of a hedgie with Chihuahua legs :smile::heart::heart::heart:


Lools like a fusion of a hedgehog and Lisa Simpson, I love it!


Self portrait?


Yep! :smile:


Awwwww, that’s really cute! Maybe it could be your next avatar!


@Jules before coffee? This is great!


This hedgehog is reminding me of this book series I recently discovered while visiting South Carolina:

There’s a character in it named Mr. Funches, who appears to be some kind of levitating possum, very much in the vein of your hedgehog. It’s terrifying, magnificent and absolutely brilliant. Thank you Jules, this made my day.


Cute. New logo?


Selfie! :slightly_smiling_face:


Very cute. :blush:



Once again, dead. :laughing:


Best thing you’ve made yet! love it so much I could hug it! :sparkling_heart:


But it would be prickly. :four_leaf_clover::crocodile::unicorn:


You’ll poke your eye out!!!


Rotating my phone 90 degrees didn’t work. Still looks like a hedgehog. (Autorotate :wink:)