Free Art / Book Stand



Thank you for the beautiful design!


Thanks for the design … made a modification to use on my favorite material (Home Depot cheap plywood cut into 12" x 12" pieces). Tightened up the slots for a tight fit on the .1.05" thick sheets. The 12 x 12 piece works out to be about $0.35 each. Great to experiment with and cuts easily.

Now working with stains to embellish the effect.



Lovely stand! Thank you for sharing your work.


Pictures when you’re done!!


Thank you for the design. Thinking of using it for table names at an event. Made a somewhat parametric version of it in Fusion 360: so that I could shrink it down to 50%, but still have the same material thickness.


Here’s the 0.5 scale svg:



Oh that will come in handy…fishing tournament coming up.


What a lovely and sleek stand. Thank you for sharing the design!


My infant son had a post-op followup visit with the neurosurgeon this morning, and my wife suggested last night I make him a laser tile as a thank you gift. I did. And then she said it would be nice if we had a little stand for it. Your design to the quick rescue! I had to scale it down for the 4 inch tile, while keeping the notches/ slots at 1/8 inch in width, but it came out ok.


Oh that could be great for business cards too!


Your baby is ridiculously cute! Glad I could help!


Incredible, I was actually going to make something similar for a sign I made, but you’ve saved me some time! Thank you so much!





I made another version with some cutouts. Because I apparently can’t stop tweaking things haha. I have NOT tested this yet since I’m out of materials … two shipments of proof grade coming monday so I have to sit on my hands until then.

Ceramic Tile Mania!

Modified with cutouts and willow branch silhouette inclusions

Thanks for the original - Love it!!


Tried using this to make some stands for my wife but it won’t let me cut, just engrave. Says its not able to cut bitmap files. However I am actually using an SVG. Any Ideas?


Did you right-click and do a “Save As” SVG file on the picture of the stand above? Sounds like it was saved as a bmp/jpg/png. I know this one works because I used it last month.


This is beautiful, thank you for sharing! I’ve been meaning to design something forever to show off the book I bought for my wife as a wedding present: a textbook on indo-european linguistics previously owned (and signed) by J.R.R. Tolkien. This will get me started nicely :smiley:


Great design