Free Art / Book Stand


I would take a hard look at your local church where they keep Bibles ( perhaps Google images as well). You need references for things in that scale.


They usually lay Bibles a lot flatter than I’d want my cookbook. Flat takes up too much counter space! :wink:

My solution (on the rare occasions when I cook, these days!) is to snap a photo of the recipe I want, dump it into Evernote, and display it on my iPad – which WILL work nicely on @Janerlea’s stand.


So, is this for 1/4" or 1/8" PG wood? I can’t tell by photo or thread…


I say at the very top that it’s for 1/8


Mine uses 0.19 wood


Thank you for this! I made it using PG draftboard and had to shave it just a touch (literally used an xacto to remove just the laser burn on one side of the cut on each one) to get a beautiful locked fit