Free Credit & Snapmarks

I can’t be alone in this.
How much longer is it going to take before as International Users we can purchase catalog items or proofgrade materials from the store?
I have credit for both and store discount due to my Founder status, all of which are about to expire, yet I haven’t even been able to use any of it!!

On the Snapmarks, it seems like they will never come along for my laser. Perhaps it’s because I don’t use it much but then again that’s because I don’t have Snapmarks. I mainly need to do longer pieces than the bed size which is why I bought a Pro with the pass through slot. The original campaign promised this would be easy and straightforward with the built in cameras auto registering material placement. At the moment I have no “easy” reliable and consistent way of using the slot!

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I agree about the snapmarks. Even with a unusable Pro right now due to laser tube it is frustrating that our basic has it and our Pro does not. GF please for Christmas let everyone at all levels have snapmarks!


Do you get an error when you try to place an order? As far as I recall, as long as you have an account, you can purchase (at least in US). If you get a specific error, that will help with the troubleshooting…

Stupid me, forgot to include the fact I am in the UK which means that both the shop and the catalog have a banner stating International orders are not accepted.

Oh, that does suck. I hope they do offer extensions for you & other non-US buyers!!

They’ve already said they are extending the discount.

As fair as GF has been with credits, etc., I would doubt they’d say, “sorry - your discount has expired for being a founder even though you’re unable to order from the shop and use those credits.”

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Well I haven’t had an email saying it has been extended which would be the obvious way to inform owners, if there has been a forum post about it I have missed it and have not been able to find it with a search.
Did they state they would be extending both the Catalog & Store credit? And what about the 10% discount ?
Sorry if this post seems a little down beat but so far the GF experience hasn’t been what I expected or was promised so many years ago, I have a laser that still doesn’t have all the promised features and no filter in sight! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely looking piece of kit and what it can do it seems to do well.
Communications could be improved though, it’s all well and good posting on the forum but a monthly direct email would be better for the original campaign purchasers to keep us up to date with new features, delays and policy changes.

I’m terribly sorry for the frustration.

The team is working hard to enable the shop for International Proofgrade purchases. Unfortunately, it’s not available yet. Along with the credits, for all international customers who have Founders Discounts, we realize that you can’t use it yet since the shop and catalog are not yet available internationally. We’ll extend your discount so you can make use of it.

The engineering team is determining each step of the Snapmark rollout. Unfortunately, I can’t affect that process for you. If we do make it available to everyone, or if your machine is chosen for the rollout during the testing phase, you’ll see the Snapmark icon appear in your Workspace. In the mean time, keep an eye on the community for more information.

Finally, thank you for the feedback regarding your experience. Your reports will help us improve our process for everyone.

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