Free Designs with premium question?

I have the membership. I intended to download and modify all of the doll house furniture to size it to an 18 inch doll house but it doesn’t let me. Can someone help me make the designs or help me download so i can modify it??

Thanks Happy Holidays!

Designs from the GF catalog are not downloadable for modification. By purchasing or by receiving a free design, you are getting the ability to only to print the design. Some designs may or may not have the ability for you to personalize with text, but otherwise nothing else can be changed.


Seems to me…If you take the piece you cut the project out of, take a well aligned snapshot of it then uploaded the jpg into Inkscape, you could manipulate it into a svg which then would make it scalable.

@anakarenvargas143134 I’m afraid that @Xabbess is correct designs purchased from are not downloaded.