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Maybe I’m missing something, but I am new to Glowforge. Literally just got it today and set it up. But, I’m wondering how one gets the free files in this community? They dont’ seem to be visible for download?? Help a newbie out!!


In each post with a file there’s what looks like a line drawing, that’s an SVG file. Just right click on it and save the file. (doesn’t work with Edge browser). Otherwise people generally upload pdfs or zips which show up as a link.


Welcome Shelly!
You are in for a great adventure. Everything you want to know about your new tool is here. You have a lot of reading ahead of you.
The search tool next to your avatar has your answer, if that falls short just ask here! :sunglasses:


Welcome, great to have you here!


Welcome!! There’s lots of free files to get you started…so much fun!



you can get very cheap files (most less than $10 and many below $5) on Etsy. Just search “Glowforge files” or something similar, and whatever you look at, make sure it says it is a digital download and NOT a finished product. There are thousands of files.

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Welcome Shelley! As well as downloading the free designs as stated above, also be sure to do the “my first prints” so you can get used to your new Glowforge. While it’s exciting to do all the new projects you find, going through “first prints” will help you a lot in understanding how the GF works. You’re going to love this forum as well, as the people here are the best at answering your questions and encouraging you.


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