Free shipping from Inventables on orders over $100


Just got an email from Inventables saying they are introducing free shipping on “non-machine” orders over $100. The email states the offer is for continental US only. The offer may or may not be for a limited time.

This makes purchasing from Inventables a little more attractive.


It makes me sad that this is US only. I just need them to send a truck across the border and hand it to canada post! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I knew folks would find that detail significant.


Dang, just spent $10 on shipping from them last month.


Yeah, you and me both.


Yea! for once procrastination has paid off!!!


Thanks so much for letting us know! I’m planning to order tonight! :smiley_cat:


My order just got here today lol. I got a notification that it was out for delivery, then I received the email. suspicious timing -.-



Since I had no machine to feed it to I have procrastinated. All of a sudden I’m compelled…


Hmm. Maybe you could make a deal with someone who lives near the border. (The 12-year-old has a friend who lives in a house that the mobile phone companies all insist is in canada).

They say the deal is one they’re trying out – I wonder if I should order soon before they decide to cancel.


I’ve been holding it for on an order too. I have ideas for some acrylic projects so I may see what kind of funky stuff I can find.


For all of the Canadians that are interested, when it comes time to use up the credits from GlowForge on inventables I’m considering having a location setup for shipping by the border and then I would bring it all over and could ship domestically after that.


I have visions of border mules covertly sneaking product into Canada under the cover of darkness. Patrol drones overhead, search lights, dogs. Tunnels?