Free Wood....... Priceless Sign


Ok so maybe not priceless, but it was made with free pallet wood. I couldn’t decide whether to mask it and spray the letters or leave as just lasered. I like it just lasered but might try the spray paint method next time, just because I rarely do the same thing twice.


I like it lasered. (Laser all the things!) :smile:


I like the sign and the quote! I’m going to have to find somewhere I can post that one. . .


Nice! If you plan to hang it outside, how well the lasering holds up to weather might answer your question for you.


Love the lasered look with the weathered boards. Can you tell me about the construction?


Honestly ten minutes of work last night and an hour of lasering. I cut two pallet boards down into four 20" pieces. Ripped two pieces both sides down to 3"wide, turned out these two were Oak. Ripped the other two only one side down to three inches, pretty sure Pine. The two ripped both sides went in the middle and the other two outside with the rough edges out. Stuck them in clamps for twenty minutes while I got some dessert. Then just threw it in the Glowforge. I’d already broken down the pallet a while ago. I picked up the pallet from a tile store and made sure no spills on the wood. Last thing you want is oil or something on the wood. I was looking for a pallet that was rough sawn and looked like barn wood when a got it a few months back. It’s just going in a warehouse so I didn’t worry about biscuits in the glue up. I probably would have if it was going outside. My wife wanted for a friend as they’d seen in a similar stencil painted one for $60 in a store. Honestly this looks nicer from the picture I saw. I told her she owes me a pallet … :blush:


Laser all the things, and stock up on all the things just to laser them.


That’s my understanding too but I always feel better when I do use them. But I can’t say I’ve actually had any glue failures in years, with or without.

Oooh and yes on the Domino. I really can’t justify it though.


One other thing is I quickly slapped the vinegar and steel wool solution on the cut ends that ages wood quickly. Works awesome.


But organize those stocked up things so you can find them again :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s my weekend project.


Got to see if there are a few places nearby where I can get samples of granite and corian counter materials. More for the small projects bin.


Fantastic, thanks for the build walkthrough. Great job.


Absolutley love that. My wife has been collecting pallet wood for a while to do “something” with. I think she just found her “something.”


A nice layer of spar varnish would make it do very well outdoors.


Reminds me of my favorite saying: “There are no problems, just opportunities in working men’s clothes” - Henry J Kaiser


Nikola Tesla (Mike drop)


Are there any issues/concerns with pallet wood regarding chemicals and the laser?


Yes, but usually no issue from my experience. I always make sure they are clean with no spills and usually get from companies that don’t deal with chemicals. As far as the manufacture of them goes check out this great article. Everything I’ve found has just been heat treated.


Thanks, Jamie!