Freehand 3D Printer


This would be fun to play with, take your pen and leave the 2D paper!


Try and draw a straight line in the air. I know mine would not look as good as the video🙄


Very fun to play with…I have one!! I have the 1st gen 3Doodler, but let me tell you- be prepared to make a whole lot of spaghetti balls before you can get the hang of how to control the extrusion lol


Yep, I’ve got one too, and making it do what you want is not easily. In addition, making lines that go out into midair without sagging horribly requires ABS, which stinks in close quarters. (So the kids at the library make colored spaghetti balls from PLA)


Yes, I have a Matt “wax gun” made for freehand extrusion of casting wax. The pictures in the brochure showed intricate examples I was never able to approach the quality of.
There would be a whole skill to develop, but the freedom is enchanting.


Tell me about it!! My current problem is trying to end lines without a giant blob :joy:


How expensive are the filaments ?


If you want the best quality, you buy the individual pieces of straightened filament from the pen company at a few bucks for 10-20 feet. If you’re me, you break off some regular 3d-printing filament and straighten it a little, for $20-30/kg.


I was looking at buying a 3D pen…and remember thinking that it’s cost would be a bit indulgent. Then I saw the Glowforge…need I say more?


LOL, right, you know that mess you come in on when you 3d printer takes a dump? That is what anything I did with it would look like.


I have one of those. It’s a LIX. It almost single-handedly soured me on crowdfunding. 18 month delay, DOA (shipped back to Belgium at my cost and extra three weeks) and it doesn’t really work very well.

I do love the concept though!


Artist in the video is a neurosurgeon in his free time. Steady hands!


That’s one in the same as I was considering. Now, I’m REALLY glad I didn’t go for it…but sorry it was such a failure for you. What a bummer!