Freeze Referral Bonuses?


@dan As Ive seen people mentioning this as part of their decision to leave after the shipping dates being pushed back even further, maybe freezing referral bonuses at this point would help keep people from jumping ship so quickly.

It really stinks to be penalized for sticking it out this long only to see your additional incentive evaporate before you. Maybe you can freeze referrals bonuses starting Oct 1 or something so people dont get hit so hard by this.

Just a thought


Thanks for the suggestion; will consider.


i brought 14 new customers over the time i guess - 6 are left before the new international delay - we will see what will happen


I like this thought. I like it a lot.
A few of my referrals have also already dropped out, and based upon when I got the original notification emails most of the remaining folks were quite late in the process.


Would like to see a wayback machine now that I know about referral bonuses. Could have saved both of us $100. Wasn’t common knowledge on Sept 24th.


I would have happily used your referral code for MY order as well.




Oct 15 order.
@johnwills and I got our referrals in. He is the only referrer I got, and he already has his!


If i cancel now (haven’t decided yet) then i will get back a hell of a lot less than i paid because of the moronic UK Government destroying the £ with all this Brexit nonsense!


No it’s the opposite, we will get a lot more pounds back than we paid because they are worth less. In real terms we will lose value due to bank charges twice for currency conversion.


Fair enough.