Friendship Sign

Small project done for my wife’s friend. Used scoring technique and black thick acrylic for the birds
and some slight engraving .


Very Nice.
Where your masking tape overlaps there will be a difference in engrave depth because of the extra thickness to burn through. It may not be noticeable on some examples, but could bite you in some situations.
This will make your masking job much easier. :sunglasses:


Thank you for the tip . I am still learning , is that a setting some where in inkscape .

The link refers to what is essentially a foot wide roll of masking tape.

I too came in here knowing zero, and this community got me on my feet. Don’t be afraid of being new and asking questions. Ignorance is a hole we are all climbing out of. None of us knew many things before the first time!

Enjoy the adventure! :crazy_face:


Beautiful sentiment, plus I like the tree with the birds.

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