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I am a local beekeeper near the Seattle area. I belong to one of the largest beekeeping clubs in WA and really wanted to start making bee related items on the GF. So I sat down on Fathers Day and made one up. I wanted to represent my apiary hives. I actually learned a lot in this event around kerf and built some test 1x1 boxes just to see what worked best. In the end I am pretty happy with the end result. The plywood is a birch top and bottom and a new plywood from Lowes that has a cool texture. download (2) download (1) download


Is the plywood at Lowes from Dremel?

This makes me think of bee on guard which I watched a lot as a child.

That’s a great box


I think, from what I can see, that what you are talking of is “revolution” plywood, I have been using it for some time. It is “cleaner” than almost any other plywood without the bondo, knots, or voids that plague most common plywoods not made under the strict Baltic Birch rules, and perhaps the least pricey of all. But the texture is very thin and on one side only, and it is weaker that any others I have used. A good clear coat will likely protect it from weather but should decay get started I would expect it to do poorly there,


Ooooo, I’ll bet @rebecca would love this—she is a bee person too.


Correct. I was walking through the lumber isle and found it on a flat cart. No pricing, just a stack. Took a scan of the barcode and no product found. Picked up one sheet to test on. The only issue that I have is that it doesn’t cut all the way through all the time. Small sections that I have to manually cut

Would running the laser a second time eliminate the need for a hand cut?

I’m still learning wood and I’m trying to figure out what the “stopping point” of using the laser vs. traditional tools is.

You did good!!

I always adored cartoons. 10 years ago I purchased a DVD of vintage cartoons.

About 30 years ago, I read an article about dogs watching cartoons. It was something about how their eyes viewed the cartoon on a television. Dogs like watching cartoons.

Thank you for posting the video. I played the video on the iPad and Jimmy Wayne Westie and I watched the entire cartoon.

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This just popped up…


Feels good when you can work through things. Well done.

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Well, if you can yoga with goats, sleeping with bees can’t be too weird.


Is that an actual hive?

Apparently, the hive is what you are laying on. (According to the posted link.)

The one thing I have found common is when two inner cores have to be but jointed. This produces a line of white “chewing gum” that goes in a straight line and cuts easily with a knife or razor. As it is a straight line you can predict where it will be. That is far superior to the bondo that a knife will not and can turn up anywhere, sometimes for no reason where someone apparently just wiped off their tool :frowning:

Fun project!

Welcome (a bit late)! Would love to know what all you have made…this looks beautiful. Are you using them for something specific? I think sized up it would make a cute bee themed coaster holder.

My father-in-law started up beekeeping last year. He just asked me today if I could find some “small hive beetle barriers” so I could make them for him. I have no idea what he is talking about…and could google it but wouldn’t know a legit one from a fake. I figure you would be a good resource. :wink:

Thanks for any information you could provide.

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Some information-

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Ahhhh good to know…thanks! Has anyone seen these small hive beetle barriers to make? I have no idea what he is wanting me to make. Hoping there is a place I can buy a pattern from.

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