From plastic lip turning yellow

I’m doing my first cleaning and I noticed the lip turning yellow, is that from heat or chemical attack on the plastic. I only cut acrylic and wood, about 25+ hrs

Smoke residue. I clean the plastics around the door and lid every couple of hours while changing out the prefilters in my filter.


I clean the entire inside as part of my weekly maintenance schedule. I start on the right side and work to the left. Takes me about 30 to 45 minutes to clean the entire machine…

I tried cleaning with 100% IPA and that did not help, did I wait too long or can I use something else?

Use something else, a degreaser like Simple Green for example. Or grease cutting wipes.

I use slightly watered down window cleaner. Spray it onto a micro fiber towel and wipe non electrical suffices. Works pretty well.
For that specific area, it will get incredibly gummed up with stuff since it’s hard to get to. Mainly the area between the lower door and where it’s hinged.
So I work masking tape down in there, and cover all the surfaces around it.

Like others have mentioned, use a microfiber towel or Mr Clean Magic Eraser to scrub the area, I use those with a spritz of Simple Green or White Lightning cleaner.

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Yep, microfiber cloths with some Simple Green, then I use paper and Windex for all the glass, no streaks…

Our cleaning instructions are aligned with what you’ve done already. Some cosmetic discoloration can occur over time, depending on the materials being cut and engraved.

Since this discussion seems to have quieted, I’m going to go ahead and close the thread. If you have more questions, send us a note at or post again.