Frosted Acrylic Supply

Does anyone know when the white Frosted Acrylic will be back in stick and if they will have the large sheets…

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Wish I could tell you…but none of us in the forum have any inside information about that. They were out of something I wanted for a long time and I just happened to think of checking in the shop again and it was back in stock. You may have to just keep looking every once in a while.


I posted here in hopes that someone at GF would
know or at least give us an idea.

Here… Lemme take a stab at the response… :slight_smile:

We’re sorry we’re out of stock on this. We love the frosted acrylic too. We’re working very hard on re-stocking it but we don’t have an ETA at this time. As soon as it’s available you’ll see it at


Thanks for the answer @ Tom_A, that’s right. Thanks for letting us know about this!

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