Frozen 2

She doesn’t mind the delays as much - gets to read the paper or an extra cup of coffee or a long walk with the dog. What Frost’s her is when the delay then becomes a cancel and it’s still dark out and no one else is up but it’s too late to come back to bed :grin:

Our Super must be afraid of something - we’re in the suburbs too but every town within 15 miles will be calling it the night before but ours will wait until 530 or 6 the next morning just in case they’re all wrong and it will be fine. Maybe there’s some kind of superintendent award you get for not calling it when it wasn’t necessary :slightly_smiling_face:

Most of the parents are both working so they’d much rather a closing or delay vs the dreaded early closing when it turns out that the roads are awful and getting worse instead of better. Parents have to slog back from work for the kids when the buses bring them back home early. Then they’re ripped :grin:

10 miles south of us they got sleet & freezing rain Sunday and 3 or so inches last night.

5 miles up the road they got 24inches +.

We live in the valley on the north side of an east-west ridge. It’s always colder (about 8 or 9 degrees) and usually snowier. Except when the snow hits the ridge and drops on the other side :yum:


We got all of it. You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I have never seen that happen here! Early releases are also incredibly rare. They won’t do them in the cities because the kids simply have nowhere to go and noone to pick them up. I think we had an early release once and my oldest is in 8th grade.

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This was partway through:


We usually get our major snow (if we have any) late in the season- like Feb/March. I would absolutely take some now though! Maybe it would encourage the last leaves to finally fall. . .

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My highschool in Sheffield MA had never closed due to snow prior to one 2 week stretch when I was there in the late 80s. This is a boarding school so “closed” meant no school, no sports - so basically 2 week vacation on campus with the only check-ins being breakfast (7amish) and study hall (7pmish). It was glorious

This year they did an emergency “Classes aren’t going to start on Monday, but Wednesday instead, so don’t travel on Sunday” announcement - except, except for the kids from MA/NY/CT already all had plane tickets so I’m not sure the “not traveling” happened…it was an interesting choice :-/


Thanks for the heads up! This doesn’t quite hit the criteria for the problems & support page so I’ll be moving it over to Everything Else

Sounds to me like you need to GF up a little vent lean-to to keep the snow outa there…

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I’m thinking rotate the vent 180 degrees and add a :glowforge: made snorkel. With a lean-to on top.

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I’m actually thinking a plastic storage bin wedged against the wall with holes drilled in it near the top.

For me sure, but he’s a doctor with about 70 3D printers and a glowforge. Definitely needs something more complicated.


Fair point.

A large piece of plywood leaned against the wall would probably work fine too, but my aesthetic requirements are pretty low. :wink:


Hi there, do you have any reccomendation to the lowest temperature at which it is still safe to use such an external ventilation ? I guess at sub zero (celsius) temperatures you would not keep the duct open without the wift in action as the glowforge would cool down too much. Is there a danger when running the GF with a duct that leads to the outside at e.g. -10 degrees celsius?

The bigger danger is my heating bill… it was well below -10C today, which is typical at this time of year. And to be honest I can’t think of anytime in the year, I don’t want louvres. Summer would be a disaster with air conditioning inside and warm humid air going back down and condensing in the glowforge…

I am solving this with a 6-axis robot arm with a hair dryer on it… then of course I need a rig to keep the robot warm…



I was expecting a Disney movie, this is better


Cold robots are angry robots. No one wants that.

Looking forward to your documenting of the build.


With that sort of power the exhaust port could be more like…


Yeah this weather is crazy lately.

We got 1/4" of rain here in AZ yesterday… in DECEMBER! Can you believe that? It doesnt rain here in December!


We’re lucky here with the temperature only dropping to freezing at night, and no snow.

Which is just as well, as my visiting 2yo great grandson from UK, on his second day here, managed to lock the whole family out of the house, by turning the lock on the storm screen.
Glowfinger to the rescue - or rather the acrylic window pane that holds the louvre vent.
Able-bodied grandson pushes it into the GF room, vent and all.
Didn’t take long to replace the two sheets of acrylic that made it up, and so back in business.
Have now hidden a spare key to the garage side door outside the house !
John :upside_down_face:


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