Frozen in "Cancelling"

I have seen this topic pop up and literally no one has given any information that does anything…

I cancelled a job mid way through, and it has been frozen in “Cancelling” for about 45 mins so far. I did all steps.

  • held down magic button until teal
  • rebooted comp
  • disconnected wi-fi
  • restarted machine (twice)
  • cleared window with task manager

I imagine it is a glitch in the cloud network? I am not versed in cloud much at all. I just started using bluetooth tech recently haha.

“Disconnected wifi” means what? If you mean rebooted your router then carry on. If not, try that.

When mine did that it was just the browser that was stuck. Refreshing the browser window was all it took to fix it.


I rebooted the wi-fi.

After about an hour, the problem just seem to solve its self.

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