Frozen sceen again and showing "uploading" again


Last night the UI sat frozen for 2 plus hours.
Once again, it’s doing the same!!
Had no responce from support and I’m assuming it’s because after 2 plus hours it decided to work again.
This is getting annoying and wasting a lot of time.


Again? Is it a particularly complex/large image? Is it at image you’ve already produced previously?


It’s a long engrave that I broke up into passed and was ready to do the cut and it froze again. This is turning out to be one of long project


Just want to make sure we’re on the same page… You’ve done the engrave and cut as separate jobs, completed the engrave, and are now ready to cut, but it’s stuck in this Uploading state. Correct?


Yes. Did two passes separately. Then I did a quick pass to get rid of some char. Went to cut and it froze.
Also been having problems with calibration and scanning freezing.


So is the same file? I mean, are the cut and the engrave the same and you just turned one off and now you’re ready to switch on the other? Or are you loading a file for the engrave and another for the cut?


Same file, just ignored the cut during engrave and reversed


Thanks. Just trying to get a full sense of your process.

Okay. So! The engrave finished and you’ve Ignored the engrave and set the cut to Cut.
And when exactly does the Uploading message appear? After you press Print? Or at some other point?


When I hit print. The “uploading” appears, screen goes Grey and unfocused and just sits there.



And, as I recall from your posts last night, eventually (hours later) it simply recovered with no interaction from you, correct?

Man… I’d be too impatient for that. I would have power-cycled the unit after 10 minutes. So I’d be curious to know if it recognizes if you shut off the unit. The other night, mine got stuck. Wasn’t uploading though. I think it was Scanning. Anyway, I shut down and it DID recognize the machine was offline, but still also showed that it was Scanning! Totally weird. So I also brought up the app in a 2nd tab. The 2nd tab was totally happy. Worked perfectly, but I’d lost the positioning of the image in the first tab, so total failure.

So listen… I don’t want to recommend anything, to be honest. I don’t want to see you lose any of your progress because I made some dumb suggestion. Support needs to provide a cause and resolution REGARDLESS if it magically starts working again on its own. You can’t keep going through this!


This "freezing " seems to be a major problem lately.
I did turn the unit off and back on. Failed on calibration. Restarted with the usual placing the head under the camera.
Sorry your print failed! I’m hoping mine doesn’t. It’s going to take three days because of this. Not cool.


So my issue was on Saturday night. Along with, apparently, several other people. It sounds like this is a continuation of that issue. And here it is Wednesday. To me, this is a serious, wide-spread issue that requires whatever attention is required to get it resolved immediately.


Yup! @support needs to get this resolved ASAP!


I should say, for my issue… The re-run of that 3.5 hour job Saturday night was a complete success. Subsequently I’ve only run a couple of very short jobs (cutting circles out of chocolate) and I had no issue with those. So maybe Saturday night’s issue and tonight’s issue aren’t related, but similar. I do see several other posts tonight about people having similar issues to this, so… Me, I’m at work like always, so no fun lasering for me! :slight_smile:


For two days There has been an issue with the UI stalling on this unit. When it is stuck ‘calibrating’, cycle the machine. Stuck ‘scanning’, cancel the op in the UI and the second scan will be successful. That is my experience on this pre release.


As noted in this thread:

your reports helped us find a serious problem - we think we’ve gotten to the bottom of it now. Please report right away if you see this again.

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