Fruit Leather!

I love me some fruit leather and was curious how it would translate to laser cutting. Turns out, it is amazing and tastes terrible (don’t tell @dan I ate any). I cut out my art collective’s logo and engraved a Trumpus? Warump?


Trumpus, definitely Trumpus!
Hmm, Fruit Leather Wallet? For Kids!

I love it! Maybe I should make a bunch of food items as my first project before stinking up my GF.

I’m curious, and I’m going to speculate a bit here… but with the high sugar content, was it especially flammable as it cut?

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those look awesome. Ive never messed around with fruit leather, guess Im going to have to!
…now im hungry.

Not especially, the engrave smoldered a little in the darkest regions, but it was pretty uneventful other than that.

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Aerosolized fruit snacks, eh? I betcha there’s an untapped market somewhere in there…


“Snort-a-Snack” :nose: