Fruit Leather!



I love me some fruit leather and was curious how it would translate to laser cutting. Turns out, it is amazing and tastes terrible (don’t tell @dan I ate any). I cut out my art collective’s logo and engraved a Trumpus? Warump?


Trumpus, definitely Trumpus!
Hmm, Fruit Leather Wallet? For Kids!


I love it! Maybe I should make a bunch of food items as my first project before stinking up my GF.


I’m curious, and I’m going to speculate a bit here… but with the high sugar content, was it especially flammable as it cut?


those look awesome. Ive never messed around with fruit leather, guess Im going to have to!
…now im hungry.


Not especially, the engrave smoldered a little in the darkest regions, but it was pretty uneventful other than that.


Aerosolized fruit snacks, eh? I betcha there’s an untapped market somewhere in there…


“Snort-a-Snack” :nose: