Frustrated - cannot figure out why not bringing up 3DEngrave

OK I am having a brain fade. I’ve done many 3DEngraves but just got my machine back from being repaired and not using it for 8 months. What do I need to save it as, or what do I need to do to get it it print up 3D Engrave in the list of options? Getting frustrated here. I know this is operator error - help please.

What material are you using? Some materials allow 3D settings and others don’t.

walnut hard wood - have used it before

Do you have bitmap in? One of the previous designs that worked?

If I recall correctly, the 3D engrave option will only display for raster (bitmap) images and it does not come up automatically for any of the plywoods. (Plywoods aren’t a good candidate because of the veneer - it leaves a line in 3D engraves.)

Should come up for draftboard, hardwoods and acrylics.

I am confused. I’ve always just taken the image into Inkscape and saved it as an .svg file. I then bring it into the dashboard and it works. How so I save as a raster?

If the original image you brought into Inkscape was made up of pixels, it’s a raster image. (Another name for bitmap, jpg or png.)

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That was it - thank you all.

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We’re glad everything worked out! Thanks again Marmak3261 and Jules! I’m going to close this thread out, but if you run into any more trouble, don’t hesitate to write back in.