Frustrated, from the UK

So I was excited to get a notification from Glowforge. But it was to inform me know that the referal I gave has now received their GF before me, wow first come first serve is total B.S… My expected date is Feb 2018 even though I ordered in the first weeks.

So I get the email saying I can either have my $100 or have $125 credit, well I thought I may as well get some money back after waiting over 2 years. but when I goto the form to fill it out it only accepts US mobile numbers., I have not kick up a fuss ever and thought I would wait and see but unfortunately everything Dan has promised has proven wrong. Come on Dan and Glowforge play fair…


Hey, I’m in the UK too and mine is March 29 I ordered in December 2015 and I genuinely do not believe it’s first come first serve neither! All orders placed in the US are getting them first I believe

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Import/export issues have been discussed.

some additional international info in the latest progress report.

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There has been a lot of discussions and plenty more promises, but lets face it 2 years down the line and people (That I referred) are getting theirs now.

When Dan can’t get the goods out on the first, second or third promised date I can understand and sympathies with production issues.
But I do not take kindly to preferential treatment.

Like I said I have not kicked up a fuss whilst the product was being made, as a business director I understand issues can arise. But it takes the piss sending out units to MY referrals before I get mine then penalising me for having a UK telephone Number.

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It’s not really preferential treatment when you live across the world from where the product is being built. I don’t expect to receive things from other countries before people who ordered the same things and live in that country. I understand the frustration, but your expectations aren’t very realistic at this point. Some international buyers will receive their Glowforge before I receive mine, because I ordered relatively late in the crowdfunding campaign, while they ordered earlier. I will receive mine before some earlier international orders, because it’s easier/quicker to ship to me than overseas. There’s nothing nefarious going on.


I can understand the frustration. I think the country you’re shipping to shouldn’t be one of the “other things” in “other things being equal”, but unfortunately it is.

I totally get the frustration. If your referral ordered a pro, and you ordered a basic, there’s even a possibility they would get theirs before you, even if you were both in the US and both ordered during the preorder campaign. I mean, at this rate, there will be US orders after the 30 day campaign that get their units before US orders during the campaign.

I honestly have found it harder to be patient over the last 2 months than the entire 2 years before that. I keep consoling myself with the comments about how great it is (and worth the wait was) from many of the people who have gotten it already.

Okay, not going to lie, I might also console myself with not being one of the people getting a broken unit. Sorry people who have gotten a broken unit – I know that sucks. But… it’s a perk of having to wait when there aren’t many perks.


Absolutely. :+1: You know how the closer you get to the bathroom the worse you have to pee?

For the international crowd, the one bright spot is that all the problems with packaging and shipping will have been shaken out. Yeah, we who live in the US feel sorry for ourselves for that terrible wait, but an international buyer automatically gets an extra dose.

@Quickchilli, if I were you I would probably ask my referral to buddy me in to his account temporarily. After all, he saved $100 because of you .At least that way you could see the interface, ask informed questions and have your frustration honed to an even finer edge. :crazy_face:


How are you going to feel were they to hold up deliveries to the UK because someone in Zimbabwe ordered before you and their customs folks are not playing nicely about letting the GF get shipped there? After all it wouldn’t be fair to let you have yours before those earlier orders get to Zimbabwe (or wherever there’s a PITA import process that’s worse than yours). Right?

We all feel for you, we’re just not all of the same mind that order date is the only thing that should determine receipt date.


The referral payout bug is probably because they use Stripe for paying you, and they probably don’t connect to non-US accounts or require special handling. I’m sure if you contact support via email they can make sure you get your money.

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I’m so sorry for the delay and the confusion about the referral!

@markwal thank you for pointing to the information about international shipments.

Regarding the referral credit, when following the link from your email, there is another link at the bottom of the page for international customers. It can be hard to find at the bottom of the page, so I’ve highlighted it on the screenshot. Once you give us the information, we’ll get you your credit promptly.

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