Frustrated with no response

It seems this is the only way someone will ever get back to me. Please respond to the several emails I have sent you.

I am needing an additional shipping label for the second box that needs to be shipped out with my return as well as other information I need you to respond to.


They send an auto-reply automatically, if you didn’t get that either your emails to them, or their emails to you are ending up in a junk filter. If that’s happening then posting here will let them know there is an issue.

If you did get that, then they’re working on the problem and will only respond when they have new information. It can be frustrating to think you’re in a black hole - but they are working on it.

Sending multiple emails will literally slow down their response time because they have to find all the tickets the emails start, determine that they’re about the same issue, and close them before they can respond to the initial issue.


As noted in the pinned post at the top of this category, opening multiple support tickets will slow down their response time:

Either posting here or emailing are good, but doing both is bad! It creates two tickets in our system, and because we can’t address it until we’ve linked them together, it makes your ticket take longer.

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We are working on the same thread of messages for the last 55. They are getting them as we went through this the last time it was 9 days. Everything is ready to go with the return just one label which doesn’t take 7 days when the other one after they finally returned my messages took less than 24 hours.

Well then you know they are working on it - by opening this thread you have slowed them down. Things take time.

Support doesn’t generate labels, so they are at the mercy of the contractor that does assembly/repairs. They typically won’t reply until they have something to report (or, in this case, a label to send.)

Unfortunately there is more to the conversation then I can talk about on this thread. They know why I am upset once they see this message. Thanks everyone for your comments.

Thanks everyone!

Laura, we sincerely apologize for the delayed response.