I am super frustrated with my Glowforge. I waited for a very long time for it, and now that it’s finally here, I can’t even use it. I emailed support and they always take a day or two to write back, and when they do it’s as if they didnt ready my email at all. I am constantly repeating myself on what is happening and it’s as if the representative doesn’t believe me. What a bad experience!!! I’ve taken all the steps to “restart” the Glowforge, and it still does nothing. But the guy Pip who’s writing to me just keeps making me do things I’ve already done over and over again, and damn it, all I want is this machine to work or my money back. Then again, if this is what customer service is looking like, I think I rather just get my money back because I’m more frustrated than anything with the lack of care.

This is your first post. The Problems section is where Support AND the community will provide help. There is no information in your post to do that.


Your experience with the official support team is shared by many, as is your frustration. It’s an unfortunate situation, but there is an alternate path.

If you’re willing to provide a detailed explanation of the problems you are having, I think you’ll find the community support here to be both timely and helpful.

Most problems that dont require a replacement unit can typically be solved with the community’s assistance and require no involvement from the official support team.

You may hear advice to do some of the same things you have already done before. In those cases, a thorough explanation of what steps you performed along with the outcome will go a long way towards helping people understand your unique situation.


I understand the frustration, but it’s not that the support team doesn’t believe you, they are having you run through tests to diagnose what the issues are. The issues might not be with the machine, they might be with your Wifi setup or some other thing that they have no control over, and can’t see. If they have you repeat a step, it’s because they need an answer or because they need to make sure of your understanding. And if they take time to get back to you, they could be consulting with the engineering team and running tests to determine what the issues could be.

Even though it’s frustrating, try to hang in there. Just run the tests they ask for and be as detailed about the steps you took as you can be, so that they know you followed instructions and that a specific step didn’t fix it so they can eliminate that as a possible cause.

These machines are complex enough that a general “It’s not working!” is going to take a long time to diagnose. On the other hand, if you list the steps you took and what happened when, they can narrow the possibilities down much more rapidly and tell you what to do to fix it. Including pictures and screen shots is also very helpful. Anything you think they can use.

If you don’t provide the information needed, you’re going to have to go back and forth with questions and answers, and that does take a long time due to the overload right now. Try to tell them everything in the first post - it speeds up resolution.

If you want to discuss it here on the forum, you can do that as well, and you might get some resolution that way. But we need details too. :wink:


I’m sorry that you’ve had such a rough time getting started with your Glowforge! We’re committed to providing support that is both excellent and prompt. We haven’t done that here. I apologize and appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback.

Since we’re already working by email, I’ve replied there and am closing this thread.