Full Face Respirator Rx adapter plate

For work reasons, I need to be wearing a full face respirator for a large portion of my day (due to the pandemic). I’m using a 3M ultimate fx full facepiece respirator FF-400 series.

Unfortunately, I also wear glasses. Contacts, if I had them, aren’t a good option, and you can’t wear glasses without breaking the seal.

3M has a spectacle adapter that comes with a set of special frames, however given the lockdown situation I can’t exactly take them to an optician. I did find a company that makes RX inserts for safety glasses and goggles and I managed to order a pair of their inserts over the web.

Thanks to the glowforge, it was quick work to make an adapter plate out of clear acrylic to hold onto the Rx insert and attach it to the 3M holder.


That is just wonderful! I love being able to whip up a solution to a problem like this.


That is a practical cut of a different magnitude.


Kinda looks like a friendlier sort of Darth Vader. :wink:


Impressive! Glad you made it work. To have to choose between seeing or safety is not an option.

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Fantastic work! So nice that you had a Glowforge to save the day.