Full Moon Nightlight

I recently retired after 20+ years of active military service and decided that I would purchase a GF with the intent to hopefully have a side gig after retirement :crazy_face:. I’ve had my GF for a little over a year and I’ve attempted to make a few things here and there. I’m very new to this type of crafting and being that there’s so many talented people here, it’s a bit intimidating to post any of what I’ve made…lol.

Yesterday I seen nicholaslosco “Light switch Cover” post and I kid you not, a few weeks ago I made a nightlight for my son with that Wolf…:grin:.

I would definitely love to say that you all are so talented and inspire me to learn more, so thank you all.


That’s fabulous! If that’s an example you definitely shouldn’t feel badly about posting your work here (really, you should never feel badly about it - everyone starts somewhere, we’re not all @evansd2) :smiley:


Thank you so very much for the kind words. I really love that gif :grin:

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Wonderful job. I get inspired here too…

Congrats on your retirement, and thank you for your service. I hope you will keep sharing your work -you never know who you will inspire.

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Nice job on that! I like that it looks great in both low and high lighting.

Show us more stuff!

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That looks really cool., especially the background. :+1:

That is really great! What a cool nightlite! I feel like I missed out on all the cool stuff we can make for kids these days. :slight_smile:

Super cool!

She’s right, we all start somewhere. I appreciate the compliment, but trust me, I still make mistakes even now. :slight_smile:

This nightlight is an excellent design… I think it’s glow in the dark, yeah?

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That’s outstanding! I post my makes in hopes that one of those that inspired me actually comments on it. LOL (It’s pretty much a guarantee, simply because of the sheer volume of inspirational characters here.)

Thank you and I’m with you on that @n_dawson …lol. thanks to everyone for the complements. @evansd2 it does glow in the dark with fairy lights around incase the glow isn’t bright enough. I’m so excited that you all liked this, my smile can’t get any bigger. Some time I think we are our own worst critic…at least I know I am with my stuff…lol