Fully engraved pick guard

Now I know what it is! And the angled shot really makes it POP!

Did you design the engrave pattern>

it’s from a seamless tile that i got from Adobe stock. but with modifications after creating the shape, rasterizing it and pulling it into photoshop to work with levels to get the right contrast. i had several variations and engraved 1" squares to test which contrast and setting combo got me what i wanted. started with 3 squares at different levels of contrast (left being close to the original pattern and right being the most contrasty).

i ended up going w/the one on the right and running 3D engrave. anyone wants the settings, i can post elsewhere / PM.


Thx! Good info on testing to achieve desirable results!

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Chris told me this is the kit he started with. And the Maximo guitar is the okume kit. He’s bought a few, so he sometimes mix and matches electronics. But it’s safer to buy a matched body/neck kit for fit.

We did run into a fit problem with the pick guard. The kit didn’t use a standard 8-hole dimension. It’s juuuust a little longer. And I didn’t have the guitar here to measure/check, so I measured it against my tele, which is standard (not a knockoff kit). So I’ll be redoing it. Working from home this week, so just need to find a no phone call gap for 2 hrs to re engrave. Adapting and double checking those measurements against the original pick guard.



Awesome, thank you. It’s not really in the budget right now but I will try there first when I get some income. Hopefully the glowforge will help with that issue.

Wow that looks great!!!

I am working on my first guitar engrave for a friend, it’s an older guitar but still I would hate to mess it up. Would you mind sharing your settings? I am going to be engraving the body and the pick guard.


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Thanks for the input! I’ll let you know how it goes.

Settings please. Looks amazing!

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this is a 3D style design with grayscales in it and i used the 3D engrave style of engraving. but your settings will really depend upon your design. i’ve done other 3D engraving that had completely different settings to work. if i go dig up the settings i used here, they’re not likely to work for you unless you’re using 1/16" acrylic with a very similar gradient design.

Wow! You are so talented! Really cool!

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